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Atlanta Police – Documents concerning both the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills' management and strikers involvement with the Atlanta Police Department

Cabbagetown – Documents and photographs of the neighborhood of Atlanta known as Cabbagetown, in which Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills was located.

Child Labor – Documents concerning policies and practices regarding the employment of children in the Mills.

Detective agencies – Documents regarding the utilization of detective agencies by the Mills' management in providing operatives to spy and report on activities within the Mills.

Labor organizing – Documents concerning the activities of labor leaders to organize workers into trade unions.

Labor strikes – Documents regarding workers' strikes and their activities during the strikes at Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills.

Men and Religion Movement – Documents recording the activities of the Men and Religion Movement, an important organization during the strikes at the Mills.

Mill village – Documents and photographs of the company-provided village in which workers at the Mills lived.

Mill workers – Documents and photographs of workers at the mills, as well as their activities and daily lives.

Mill management – Documents and photographs relating to the management personnel of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills, and their activities.

Nursery/infirmary – Documents and photographs of the nursery and infirmary at Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills.

Operative reports – Reports and notes of the operatives hired by Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills to spy on labor leaders, strikers, and mill workers.

Other Fulton Bag mills – Documents and photographs regarding Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills' plants outside of Atlanta. Locations include New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

Tent colony – Documents and photographs of the tent colony established by labor leaders after strikers were evicted from the mill village.

Textile mill operation – Documents and photographs of machinery and general operations of a textile mill.

Threats, intimidation, and violence – Documents recording the use threats, intimidation, and violence by the Mills' management, operatives, and strikers.

Trade unions – Documents concerning the formation, activities, and involvement of trade unions.

Working Conditions – Documents and photographs regarding the conditions for workers in the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills and the mill village.