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Funding for this project was provided in part through the generous support of the Lewis H. Beck Foundation.


The photographs and text contained within this site are protected by copyright.  Except where otherwise indicated, copyright is owned by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena California. 

Project Staffing

This project was a collaboration between the Georgia Institute of Technology Library's Digital Initiatives Department, Systems Department, Archives and Special Collections Department.

Special assistance and direction provided by Dr. James Sowell, Astronomer and Senior Academic Professional, Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Both Book I and Book II of the Atlas were digitized in their entirety. The 50 photographs, their accompanying page of descriptive text, table of data and identification chart are included with each photograph. In addition, a new image was created by combining the photograph and its identification chart. Where appropriate texts were transcribed and the scans of those pages were not included in the website.

Image Creation

Each page of Book I and Book II was scanned front and back, skipping blank pages, at 600 dpi, with the large format Eyelike® Digital Camera System driven by Eyelike v 3.22. The 600 dpi scans were saved in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 as unaltered tiffs. All images files were inspected, checking filename, orientation, skew, cropping, and file size. The unaltered tiffs were copied onto Mitsui Gold 650 MB CDs. The tiffs were resized to 200 dpi and saved as jpegs. Photoshop was used to batch process the tiff files creating the derivative jpegs.

Website Design

The website was created with Dreamweaver and MySQL. Layout and functionality were designed based on several conversations with Dr. Sowell regarding current study in the field of astronomy, what research tools are most beneficial, and how astronomical data are searched.

Project Hardware and Software Settings

Hardware and Software for Scanning
Hardware: Macintosh G4 – 450 MHz, 1GB RAM, 27GB Hard Drive
OS: Mac OS 8.6
Image Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Monitor Calibration: Internal Calibration with ColorSync software

Digital Camera/ Scanning Specifications
Camera: Eyelike® Digital Camera System
DPI: 600 dpi
Color Lookup table: ICC (International Color Consortium) profile created internally with Eyelike software.
Camera software settings: 600dpi, 4096 x 4096 scan size
Lighting: Osram Halogen Photo Optic Lamp ENH–5 250W, 2 lamps per light head, 2 light heads.
Eyelike Software Version: Eyelike 3.22 (this is different from the number above)
Targets (analog):

  Gretag Macbeth Color Checker Color Rendition Chart, October 1998 Edition
Kodak Q–13 Color Separation Guide and Gray Scale

Operator: Jeff Dziedzic
Image creation date(s): October – November, 2002

CD Specifications
CD Burner: NEC NR–7800A SCSI CD–RW
CD Software: Direct CD 3.04, Adaptec Inc.
Read Speed: 40x
Write Speed: 16x
CD–ROM Creator: Laurel Crafts and Jeff Dziedzic
Creation Date: November 2002


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