Hard Choices Hard Choices serves as a Teacherís Guide for exploring the complex issues surrounding nuclear, biochemical and cyber weapons and national security. It meets Georgia Quality Core Curriculum standards for grade 9-12 Social Studies: Current Issues and U.S. and World Affairs.

Domestic Preparedness Spending - Written by Greg Raschke
The Former Soviet Union and National Security - Written by Mary-Frances Panettiere
Reinstating the Smallpox Vaccination Program - Written by Greg Raschke
Government Access to Encryption Keys - Written by Grace Agnew
Intellectual Property Rights vs. the Governmentís Need to Know - Written by Mary-Frances Panettiere
Virus Software and the First Amendment - Written by Mary-Frances Panettiere
Information Warfare as a Defense Strategy - Written by Grace Agnew
Right to Privacy vs. National Security - Written by Barbara Walker and Greg Raschke